Sandringham Club member activities

Member activities

Sandringham Club Camraderie and Friendship

Camraderie & friendship

The Sandringham Club is by its very nature a very social place. Members and guests drop in for a chat at the bar after work, attend dinners and special events and match their skills against others on the sporting arena. Sandringham Club members form long standing friendships with other members that extend outside the Club to their families, business or other interests.

Sandringham Club Tennis


Tennis is one of the most popular activities at the Sandringham Club with more than 130 players and growing each year. Five superb mod grass courts, all with lights for night use, are available for member use from 8 am to 10 pm daily.

Sandringham Club Squash


The Sandringham Club boasts the oldest squash court in Victoria with more than 40 active squash players. Squash at the Sandringham Club is predominantly pennant competition, with practice and social matches at other times.

Sandringham Club Bowls


Bowls is played on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and on Sunday morning. The dress code is casual on all days except for special competitions when traditional creams or whites are worn. Our experienced bowlers are always happy to welcome new members to the green.

Sandringham Club Billiards

Snooker & Billiards

Two full size tables are located in the Snooker-Billiards room offering a unique ‘old world’ atmosphere which enhances the enjoyment of playing Snooker, Billiards or Eight Ball. Snooker is the most popular game played by members and guests and can be enjoyed socially at any given time.

Sandringham Club Golf


A large majority of Sandringham Club members are also keen golfers and members of our famed Sandbelt courses. Club events consist of a stroke event at a prestigious Sandbelt Course, a Country Championship at Sorrento Golf Club, a City Championship which is held at Victoria Golf Club each year, team events against affiliated clubs and a Fourball Championship.

Sandringham Club Fishing


Fishing is one of the popular informal sporting activities of the Sandringham Club. The emphasis on fishing trips for members is to ensure that the anglers have an enjoyable time ... and catch plenty of fish! There are several fishing adventures planned by members each year.